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Zeiss Unknown Wide Lens like Topogon

Condition:A- JPY:64,800-

Shneider Super Angulon 53mm / f4.0

Condition:A- JPY:43,200- 委託品

Zeiss Biotessar 150mm / f2.8

Condition:A- JPY:128,000- レン…

Berthiot Perigraph 60mm / f14

Condition:A- JPY:48,600-

Goerz Dagor 150mm / f6.8

Condition:B JPY:10,800-

Goerz Dagor 150mm / f6.8

Condition:B JPY:14,800-

Meyer Satz Plasmat 150mm / f4.5

Condition:AB JPY:64,800-

Berthiot Eurygraph IVe 85mm / f4.4

Condition:AB JPY:38,600-

Wollensak Verito 150mm / f5.6

Condition:AB JPY:68,000-

Meyer Trioplan 105mm / f3.0

Condition:AB JPY:68,000-

Kodak Unknown Ektar 205mm / f4.0

Condition:B JPY:68,000-

Berthiot Eurygraph IVb 135mm / f4.5

Condition:AB JPY:43,200- レンズ…

Bausch Lomb B Tessar

Condition:B JPY:15,000-

Meyer Satz Plasmat 173mm / f4.5

Condition:AB- JPY:97,200- 委託…

Meyer Doppel Plasmat 270mm / f5.5

Condition:A- JPY:108,000- 座金…

Meyer Doppel Plasmat 240mm / f4.0

Condition:AB+ JPY:64,800- 委託…

Lacour Berthiot Eurygraph Anastigmat

Condition:AB- JPY:48,000-

Schneider Xenon 25mm / f0.95 for C-Mount

Condition : AB- JPY : 86,000…

Schneider Componar 50mm / f3.5 for Focomat

Condition : AB JPY : 10,800-…

Cooke Ental II Enlarging Lens 50mm / f3.5

Condition : AB JPY : 13,600-…

Cooke Amotal 50mm / f2.0 for M42 Original

Condition : AB- JPY : 138,00…

Leica Noctilux 50mm / f1.0 with Hood

Condition : A- SOLD ライカマウントの…

Leica IIIf Body

Condition : AB SOLD なかなか綺麗な状…

Cooke Speed Panchro 50mm / f2.0 for Leica

Condition : AB+ SOLD イギリスのTa…

Zeiss Tessar 84mm / f6.3 Early

Condition : AB SOLD Zeissの看板…

Meyer Trioplan 55mm / f3.0 for M42

Condition : AB SOLD ドイツはフーゴメ…

Summicron 50mm / f2.0 Under-Million

Condition : AB+ SOLD ズミクロン50…

Leica M7 Japan Model

Condition : AB+ SOLD 元箱から販売時…

Zeiss Sonnar 85mm / f2.0 Nickel with Box

Condition : A- SOLD 最近見かけなくな…